Participant Area: Youth in Harmony

During the project, participants of Youth in Harmony project, received several questions regarding to cultural heritage and music. We as Youth in Harmony Newsteam would like to share their some opinions with you.

Q1. If you are a conservator/preserver of cultural heritage, what methods would you use to get the attention/interest of youngsters?

“I would bring more music to our education system, because school is the place where youngsters spend the most of their time. I would change the system of school educational excursion and do it more interactive, because children are learning more when they are suposed to create something and involve themselves in an interesting activity. For exampe, in the place of visiting music museum and just listening what guuide is saying, they should be given some nteresting work to do. For example prepare a poster about some famous musician or learn how to play on some music instrument.”


  • Social media
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Active workshops

“A good idea to get the attention of youngsteres is to organize campaigns and to inform them about the importance of keeping and developing the cultural heritage.”


  • nonformal education tools
  • study visits
  • international group workshops

Q2. Heritage and music, is it a good combination? Why/Why not

“Music is an integral part of heritage. I can not image these two meanings seperated.”

“Music born by heritage, of course yes. If you understand music you understand heritage.”

“Yes, are really good combination. Because they are related… They walk together. And also because you have to know the heriatge of the music thay you listen.”

“For to know the past, present and future…”

“Yes it is. I think that music is the best way to connect people and to teach them somethng about different cultures.”

“It is. They are very different but its a good to be connected always in the same area.”

“Yes, because Music is undoubtedly an important part of cultural heritage.”

“Music is an essential part of national heritage. It can show the national identity in a non material way that express the history, wored conception, way of life or way of thining of the population. It shows life or way of thinking of the population. It shows a part of the national culture in the post modern times.”

“It is more than a good combination, it is impossible to have music without heritage, because as the old music as the modern music, they all evolve with our cultures traditions and historical events and changes.”

Q3. What would you say to policy makers who are responsible for heritage?

“Do as much as you can to teach youngsters that music is really beautiful and important for our society. Bring more musical knowledge to our schools, where our future generation grows.”

“Do not underestimate the power of cultural heritage. Its one of the most essential wealth we have as a humanity.”

“I would like to tell them to enter more lessons in schools about arts. So as the children will have the chance to come in touch with them and include it in their life.”



Youth in Harmony is funded by Erasmus+ Programme. Thanks to Turkey National Agency, the BVB and its partners implemented a project through the European Year of Cutlural Heritage.

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