“Our future in our hands”?

We also think that our future is in the hands of young people. As BVB, we are aware of our responsibility for young people. During the pandemic period, we continue to act together with our young people with virtual components.So what are we going to do during the European Youth Week?- Virtual meetings: Our young people want to be more aware of Erasmus + 2021-2027 opportunities. An informative webinar will be held to increase the awareness of the Erasmus + program in general. Many of them are waiting for good news to join our projects after the pandemic. We will answer all the questions of our young people in these meetings.- Social media studies: We will be involved in social media campaigns related to areas of importance to our organization such as youth, digital rights and social inclusion. In this context, we plan to produce visual content with our youth with web 2.0 tools.- YouthFlix: We are starting the “Love, Death & Robots” series on May 24 with our volunteers and young members. After the series, we will have a brainstorming session with our young people.

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