Report: Youth in Harmony

We, as Youth in Harmony Newsteam, prepared a report about the project. The report is consisted by aims of the project, local stakeholders, online evaluations and other activities which we did in Nigde. Download/Read the Report   Youth in Harmony is funded by Erasmus+ Programme. Thanks to Turkey National Agency, the BVB and its partners… Okumaya devam et Report: Youth in Harmony

Participant Area: Youth in Harmony

During the project, participants of Youth in Harmony project, received several questions regarding to cultural heritage and music. We as Youth in Harmony Newsteam would like to share their some opinions with you. Q1. If you are a conservator/preserver of cultural heritage, what methods would you use to get the attention/interest of youngsters? "I would… Okumaya devam et Participant Area: Youth in Harmony

Turkish Musical Instruments

Cordophones (stringed instruments)  The sound from these instruments is produced by the vibration of the strings. These may be classified into two groups: Bowed stringed instruments:  For example: The kemençe (small violin played like a cello), Kabak Kemane (ıklığ) (three-stringed violin), violin etc. Plucked stringed instruments:  For example: Ud (lute), tambur (like a mandolin), çeng (primitive harp),… Okumaya devam et Turkish Musical Instruments

Czech Producers of Musical Instruments

  Czech team in Youth in Harmony*: Tom, Iva, Terezia, Paja, Dilara The Czech production of musical instruments has a very long history and is characterised by high quality. Czech brands such as Amati, Petrof, Rieger-Kloss or Strunal enjoy a great reputation outside the borders of the Czech Republic. Amati The company Amati is one of the most… Okumaya devam et Czech Producers of Musical Instruments