BVB Network

BVB Network is a innovative and inclusive youth hub with several EU countries. The network has already five members from Portugal, Finland, Slovakia, Spain and Italy. However now only Sapienza ed Abilità active in Erasmus+ projects. Other members will be ready in 1 February 2020.


About Sapienza ed Abilità:

Sapienza ed Abilità.png

Sapienza ed Abilità is located in Venice, Italy. The informal youth group is connected with BVB Network.

Their mission is to transform Venice into a innovative and inclusive robust community by developing the leadership of youth and young adults and improving the systems that impact them.

Located in the heart of Venice, Sapienza ed Abilità is a youth hub offering young people services and programs to increase physical and mental wellbeing, community connection, educational attainment, and career achievement among youth members.

They believe that if they provide youth with relevant services and programs, meaningful engagement with caring adults, and opportunities to practice leadership—they will become change agents and contributors to an inclusive and innovative, thriving community.